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FireSmart your home.

Your actions today can minimize wildfire damage to your home and property tomorrow.

Flames aren’t the only threat. An estimated 90% of homes damaged or destroyed by wildfire are ignited by embers.  By taking proactive FireSmart measures around your house and yard, you can increase your properties’ resistance to wildfire.   

Is your home ready?

Roofs, gutters, vents, siding, decks, fencing—it’s important to consider every part of your home. Find out how to reduce your risk.


Roofs are the most vulnerable part of your home. Sparks and embers from distant wildfires can ignite flammable roofing materials or any debris that may have accumulated there.


Siding materials like vinyl melt under high temperatures allowing fire to spread into and throughout homes and other buildings.


Attached decks can spread fire directly to your home. What your deck is made of and what surrounds it are all factors to consider when evaluating your property’s wildfire resilience.


What you store and plant in your yard impacts the likelihood of fire spreading to your home. Firewood piles, patio furniture, and even an unmowed lawn expose your property to increased risk.

How to FireSmart your home and property.

Homes and buildings ignite because of the materials, condition, and everything that surrounds them. The area within 30 metres of the home is called the Home Ignition Zone (HIZ). Within it are three priority areas, each requiring specific actions. Start by reducing your risk in the Immediate Zone and work your way outward. 

Immediate Zone

0 – 1.5 metres

Reduce the chance of wind-blown embers igniting your home: 

Ensure a 1.5 metre non-combustible surface surrounds your home. 

Clear vegetation and combustible materials.

Avoid planting woody shrubs or trees.

Intermediate Zone

1.5 – 10 metres

Prevent fire from reaching your home: 

Plant fire-resistant vegetation and avoid woody debris, including bark mulch.

Use non-combustible landscaping materials.

Remove combustibles like firewood, construction materials, and patio furniture.

Extended Zone

10 – 30 metres

Limit the intensity of fire: 

Maintain a minimum of 3 metres of horizontal space between evergreen trees.

Clear branches lower than 2 metres from the ground.

Regularly clean up fallen branches, dry grass, and needles.

Want to learn more?

It can feel overwhelming to start implementing FireSmart activities, but the more you know, the easier it gets. Wherever you are in your FireSmart journey, we invite you to keep learning to incrementally reduce your risk as you gain knowledge over time. 

Your risk reduction plan

Every home in Alberta is unique and requires an appropriately unique FireSmart approach. A free Advanced FireSmart Home Assessment from a trained professional will provide you with property-specific actions you can take to increase your home and property’s resilience to wildfire.