FireSmart Canada Training

FireSmart 101

More so than ever before, Canadians are feeling the direct and indirect impacts of wildfire. There is a growing need for FireSmart education. FireSmart Canada has developed a FREE one-hour course for those who are getting started with FireSmart and want to learn more.

  • Provides an introduction to FireSmart and its principles
  • Helps participants understand the need to protect homes and properties from wildfire
  • Defines the wildland-urban interface
  • Outlines the seven FireSmart disciplines
  • Explains the FireSmart home ignition zone

There’s a short quiz at the end to ensure participants understand the material.

Level 1 – FireSmart Ambassador

FireSmart Ambassadors serve as frontline representatives, knowledgeable about FireSmart within the local community. As promoters of FireSmart guidelines, programming, and concepts, they play a foundational role in building awareness of and promoting wildfire prevention and encouraging action within their community. Ambassadors do not conduct technical assessments.

Find more information on the role and its requirements: FireSmart Ambassador Role Description.


The FireSmart Ambassador training is a four-module online course, open to anyone, regardless of background or role in the community. The course takes approximately 3 hours to complete and can be stopped and started at any point. The goal of the Level 1 training is to have as many FireSmart Ambassadors in communities as possible because the more educated community residents and leaders are on FireSmart, the more resilient to wildlfire they will become. Anyone wanting to advance to Level 2-4 roles will be required to have completed the Ambassador training.

Level 2 – Neighbourhood Recognition Program (NRP) Specialist

The NRP Specialist is responsible for coordinating and supporting the FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program within their local area. This includes guiding residents and neighbourhoods through the NRP process, from forming committees to completing wildfire neighbourhood hazard assessments and holding FireSmart events. To become an NRP Specialist, you must have completed Level 1 Ambassador training and take the Level 2 training and participate in a LIVE training workshop. To sign up for a LIVE training workshop, please visit our Events page.

Specific eligibility criteria must be met to qualify for this role. Upon successful completion of the training, an active commitment to fulfilling the role is expected.

Find more information on the role and its requirements: NRP Specialist Role Description.


Please fill out the form to request an access code.

Once your request is approved, you will receive the code and a link to access the online training.

Level 3 – Home Ignition Zone Specialist

Advanced FireSmart Home Assessment Program

Each unique property calls for a unique plan towards wildfire risk reduction.

Formally trained professionals review individual properties alongside their residents. Following this assessment, residents receive comprehensive reports outlining specific actions and upgrades required to increase their resilience to wildfire.

Assessor qualifications and experience:

  • Current member of a fire department or agency (for at least 12 months)
  • Completion of Level 1 – FireSmart Ambassador training within the last six months

Find more information on the role and its requirements: HIZ Specialist Role Description.

Become an Advanced FireSmart Home Assessor and offer the program in your community.

Level 4 – Program Coordinator

Coming soon! Stay in the loop on Level 4 training by signing up for the FireSmart Alberta Newsletter.