Fire Departments

Knowledge is empowering.

FireSmart Alberta offers free programs and resources to help build community wildfire resilience.

Advanced FireSmart Home Assessment Program

Each unique property calls for a unique plan towards wildfire risk reduction.  

Formally trained professionals review individual properties alongside their residents. Following this assessment, residents receive comprehensive reports outlining specific actions and upgrades required to increase their resilience to wildfire.

Assessor qualifications and experience:

FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program 

The more neighbourhoods prepare for wildfires, the more firefighters can focus on fighting them at the source. 

Neighbourhoods that work to reduce their vulnerability to wildfires have a greater chance of surviving them without the aid of fire departments. 

Neighbourhood Recognition Program (NRP) Specialists play a key role in helping their municipalities or Indigenous communities reduce their wildfire risk and meet NRP requirements.  

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day  

Held the first Saturday in May, this FireSmart Canada initiative calls citizens across the country to help increase awareness of the risks of wildfire and encourage people to take steps towards increasing their resilience.  

FireSmart Canada, in collaboration with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR), and The Co-operators sponsor a $500 award to help fund people’s Prep Day events and efforts.  

At-the-ready Resources 

Help empower your community’s residents to implement solutions and maintain momentum towards wildfire resilience.