FireSmartâ„¢ Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) Specialist Role Description

The HIZ Specialist is responsible for facilitating the FireSmart Canada Advanced Home Assessment Program, Home Partners Program (BC only at this time) or other FireSmart Canada-sanctioned home assessment programs in their local area, to help residents identify and reduce wildland fire property hazards.

Under direction from a FireSmart Program Coordinator or other community authority, the HIZ Specialist will meet with residents on request to conduct the FireSmart home assessment approved for their jurisdiction, submit assessments for approval, report back to the residents on results, and provide advice and guidance on implementing the FireSmart Canada Home Ignition Zone guidelines.

FireSmartâ„¢ Neighbourhood Recognition Program (NRP) Specialist Role Description

The NRP Specialist is responsible for coordinating and supporting all elements of the FireSmart Canada Neighbourhood Recognition Program (NRP) for their local area.

Supporting residents and neighbourhoods to participate in all aspects of the NRP and its specific requirements, including but not limited to: building a relationship with a Neighbourhood Champion and helping them to form a FireSmart Neighbourhood Committee, completing the Neighbourhood Wildland Fire Hazard Assessment, assisting in the development of a Neighbourhood FireSmart Mitigation Plan, working with the neighbourhoods to hold annual FireSmart events, applying for Recognition, and Renewing Annually.

FireSmartâ„¢ Ambassador Role Description

To serve as a front-line person able to speak confidently with knowledge of FireSmart within their local area. As a promoter of FireSmart guidelines, FireSmart programming, and FireSmart concepts, they are key to providing a consistent message and growing awareness and action. This is a foundational role focused on promoting the FireSmart brand and the value of wildland fire prevention and mitigation. This role would not execute any technical evaluations or assessments unless they also completed Level 2 or 3 training.

FireSmart Alberta 2022 2024 Strategic Plan